our elders

At Chesapeake Christian Fellowship, we are strengthened by our Elders. Our Elders are men who fulfill the Biblical qualifications of Elders found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.


The Elders serve primarily as a counsel for the Senior Pastor. They are to pray for him, encourage him, support him, assist him in difficult decisions, and hold him accountable to the Word of God.


They also handle the church benevolence (Elders) fund and assist in ministering to the spiritual needs of the individual members. 


On January 12, 1997, Anita and I became members of CCF. My ordination as an Elder was administered on June 15, 1997. From 1998 through 2003, I attended Arlington Bible College, followed by the completion of additional courses at Bethany Divinity College and Seminary in 2006. 

I served a 35-year career with the Federal Government as Supervisor Exhibit Specialist - basically a fancy title for a Federal Government carpenter and museum exhibit designer. Over that time, Anita and I had three daughters: Lisa, Lorrie, and Rebecca. From that came five grandchildren: Allen, Tommy, Wayne, Reid, and Allia, and a great-granddaughter, Marley. They all know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I still do a little woodworking, but I find more joy in telling people about Jesus and what He has done for me and my family. 

elder bill belt

I have been a member of CCF since 2004. Prior to being ordained as an elder in 2014, I served as chairperson of the Trustees for 5 years. Before coming to CCF, I attended many classes to further my knowledge of God’s Word. I have been retired from the United States Postal Service since 2006. I have been to India twice on mission trips and traveled to the school in Haiti that CCF supports. 

Currently, I lead mission trips to the Navajo Indian Reservation in Bisti, New Mexico. Furthermore, I lead the men’s Bible study group on Wednesday at CCF as well as Bible Studies at the Ordinance Road Correctional Center. Wherever I am needed at the church, I serve and have a servant’s heart for people. My goal is to help “men become men” according to the Word of God!

In my spare time, I enjoy family, traveling, and classic cars.

elder john dunn

I have been at CCF since 2015 and was ordained as an Elder in 2016. Born and raised by Christian parents in the state of Georgia, I moved to Washington, DC after high school, where I met and married my wife Emma. After 11 years of marriage, God blessed us with a son, Johnathan, and a daughter, Sheareen. At age 47, God blessed me with salvation, and I was water baptized the same day. I was then discipled by a missionary who was attending Washington Bible College Seminary. Thus, the foundation of Christianity was instilled in me, and I was soon ordained as an Elder.

Ministry highlights include leading Men’s Ministry, teaching adult Bible classes, serving on the Board of Directors at Camp Wabanna, and outreach projects with Washington Gospel Mission, Oak Hill Youth Prison Ministry, and Independence Court Nursing Home.

My passion is to study and be obedient to the Word of God.
My mission is to serve and love His people.
My purpose is to see those who don’t know Jesus come to Jesus.
Favorite Scriptures: Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:17

elder kevin mercer

I was one of the original group that met in Pastor Pat's living room to form CCF. In the lowest moment of my life, I heard God tell me that the "time was short," and from that moment, I rededicated my life to Him!

In the Army, I served as Combat Medic in Bosnia and Iraq. In 2011, I was sent to Jordan, where I saw Mount Nebo (where Moses died), where Jesus was baptized, and the site where Elijah was taken up to heaven. Before retiring from the military, I shocked many people when I decided to pursue a degree in Religion at Liberty University, motivated by the desire to know God's Word and use it to help combat false prophets. After graduating in 2017, I became an Elder.

I have been a Magnetic Resonance Technologist for many years. In my free time, I enjoy cycling on my twenty-speed road bike, having completed week-long trips from Boston to Philadelphia, Chicago to Detroit, Cincinnati to Nashville and Houston to Dallas, to name a few. I also enjoy exploring new places with my wife, Margaret, who is an incredible travel partner. We have been married since 1983 and have five beautiful, funny, and creative children. Currently, I am the facilitator for the Galesville home group. God is great!

elder mike benavidez

My wife Joanna and I have been part of the CCF family since 2014, and I have served as an Elder since 2018. After 20 years of service as a Master Chief, I retired from the Navy. I have a Bachelors of Science from Liberty University in Interdisciplinary Studies (Computational Sciences and Organizational Management), and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Divinity from Liberty University in Church Leadership and Ministry.


My personal relationship with the Lord was reaffirmed when I was 13, when a Youth Pastor's message came from 1 Corinthians 13:11, "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” His message was about what it meant to give your life to Christ. The Youth Pastor explained that God protects children because they don’t fully understand what it means to give their life to Him. However, there comes an age of understanding in each of our lives that requires us to accept Jesus as our Savior through faith. At that moment, I knew emphatically what it meant to give my life to Christ and that I would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for eternity!


I enjoy spending time with my family, anything outdoors, and especially hunting.

elder don sanders

I have been a member of CCF since 2007 and have been active in taking classes, volunteering, and serving as chairperson for the Leadership team for 2 years. For a number of years, I also had the opportunity to mentor for Good News Jail and Prison ministries. I have been involved in many of our local outreach programs and have traveled to Haiti. In 2017, I was ordained as an Elder. 

My heart is to help those who are hurting and carry forth CCF's vision of "Seeing people who don't know Jesus come to Jesus."

elder steve stovall

I grew up in Southern California. At one point, I lived in Reno, Nevada, and worked at a casino. I was serving the world and on a path to self-destruction. By the time I moved to Maryland in 1998, I was broken, Godless, and hopeless. 

Pastor Pat and the CCF family showed me another way. I met Jesus Christ, my Life Changer. The old me passed away, and I began a new, productive life. I needed to give back and get outside of myself, so I was baptized, became a member, and began serving as a trustee, with Overcomers Outreach, and on mission trips to India and the Czech Republic. In 2008, I was ordained as an Elder. For my entire Christian life of over 21 years, my home has been here at CCF, where I met Jesus and He literally saved my life.

I am married to my beautiful wife, Cathy, and we live in Crofton. When I’m not running my small construction business, I enjoy snow skiing, hunting, fishing, RVing, and camping.